हमारे बारे में

theHimachalNews.in is a news, analysis, opinion and knowledge venture, launched in may 2020 by From young mind vikas Rana. It is sharply focused on politics and policy, government and governance. 

the Himachal news believes that a large section of the Indian population which lives in semi-urban and rural areas have a lot of stories to tell, a lot of the issues which the government and the administration should be concerned about. But sadly, these issues are not highlighted, the people here are not given a platform to voice their issues, their opinions. We started a one-of-its-kind to project to bring these issues to light, by exposing the corruption the common man of faces almost every day, the basic facilities which they, like every other citizen deserve but are devoid of so far, the administration’s indifference which has done only harm to the region.

Only when you move out of the media glare and brightness, the mainstream ones have to offer, will you see those at the periphery – those still awaiting roads, ration, electricity, medical and health facilities, schools, jobs and whatnot.

We aim to bring a change in the media industry. We want to balance out the focus of the cameras, pens and keyboards & keep panning them even towards the less glamorous but equally important issues the common man in non-metropolitan cities face. Often media is also held responsible for bringing change in the society, make a difference in the lives of the people. But media is different from social service or activism.

In our opinion, the only way media can make a difference is through responsible journalism, highlighting the burning issues as well as bringing out the problems of the people in villages, small towns and cities. If the local and hyper-local media highlights such issues, it slowly makes round, comes to the notice of the local administration and eventually reaches the higher level of authority. The process may take time but eventually, the aim of highlighting local issues and thus getting it resolved is met.

At a time when mainstream media focuses exclusively on the national capital, metropolitan cities and the big cities, initiatives like ours will bring in the idea that there is whole population out of these pockets which also face a lot of issues, as much as if not more, than their counterparts. If their issues are not resolved because they were never highlighted in the media before, then initiatives like the Himachal news will provide them the platform and give them a voice with the aim of helping their voices reach the administration and government.

the Himachal news has brought forth one such initiative, and we are confident that such projects might have started in other parts of India too but it is important to encourage and sustain such them. It is only through our work, can initiatives like us sustain in this industry, and it is only through funding can our work go on. They say work speaks for itself, it is true.

the Himachal news believes that projects like this will help promote the idea of establishing a personal communication with the common man, which we think is significant as we can’t have our bureaus or reporters everywhere. Communication at a personal level will encourage people to speak out their heart’s content without any barrier as it will give them the sense that someone amongst them is taking it upon themselves to make their voices heard.